COSMOS 2.0 Workshop: Glossary

Key Points

Introduction to COSMOS
  • COSMOS is compact, powerful and free software to collect and analyse social media data.

  • It aims to democratise access to social media data for social scientists and others.

Before using COSMOS
  • To start a data collection, you must authorise your Twitter account.

  • To use the latest version of COSMOS, check for updates each time you run it.

Data collection screen
  • COSMOS can collect twitter data from Twitter.

  • COSMOS can filter collections based on a variety of criteria.

  • COSMOS can create subsets of the data while the collection continues.

Importing pre-existing data
  • COSMOS can be used for pre-existing data.

  • COSMOS can only use CSV and JSON data formats.

  • COSMOS provides ways to demonstrate and analyse Twitter data.

Frequency and network analysis
  • COSMOS provides frequency analysis with Twitter data to help us analyse and draw conclusions.

  • COSMOS provides network analysis that gives the opportunity to understand social network structure, the role of key players, communities, etc…

Adding RSS Feeds
  • COSMOS allows us to collect data from a variety of websites using an RSS Feed.

  • COSMOS can collect RSS Feeds from multiple websites.


A file extension indicating that a text file that has values separated by commas (comma-separated-values).
To select a subset of data from a dataframe.
A file extension indicating that the values in a text file are structured using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
The terminal
is the actual interface to the console that you can type and execute text based commands.