Introduction to COSMOS


Teaching: 10 min
Exercises: 5 min
  • What is COSMOS useful for?

  • Understanding how we can benefit from COSMOS for our research.

  • Describe COSMOS’s uses.

  • Locate helpful resources to learn more about COSMOS.



Before We Start

Getting help for COSMOS

You can find out a lot more about COSMOS at and check out introduction videos at You can fill the form and request an install link from the website. When you request COSMOS, you will receive an email from which will including the download link and links to forms to report bugs and request new features. If you ever need help using COSMOS, you can contact us via this email address. Also, if you want to stay updated about COSMOS development, you can checkout the Blogposts section from the menu.

Key Points

  • COSMOS is compact, powerful and free software to collect and analyse social media data.

  • It aims to democratise access to social media data for social scientists and others.