COSMOS 2.0 Workshop

COSMOS 2.0 workshop materials.

Getting Started

COSMOS 2.0’s teaching is hands-on, so participiants are encouraged to use their own computers. To provide efficient workflow, participiants needs to ensure the proper setup of tools. To get started, follow the directions in the “Setup” tab to install COSMOS software.

COSMOS 2.0 lessons does not require any prior knowledge of the skills and tools.


This lesson requires a COSMOS Open Data Analytics software.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction to COSMOS What is COSMOS useful for?
00:15 2. Before using COSMOS How do we authorise the collection of data from Twitter?
How to get the latest version of COSMOS?
00:30 3. Data collection screen How do we collect data from Twitter?
How can we specify criteria for a data collection?
01:00 4. Importing pre-existing data How can we use pre-existing data on COSMOS?
01:10 5. Visualizations How do we visualize data on COSMOS?
What kind of data analysis COSMOS provides?
02:00 6. Frequency and network analysis How do we use network and frequency views in the COSMOS?
02:15 7. Adding RSS Feeds What is an RSS Feed?
How to add RSS Feeds to COSMOS?
02:30 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.