COSMOS 2.0 Workshop: Instructor Notes


This time allotted for the teaching and exercises in lessons one through nine in this episode totals xxxxxxxx minutes. This does not include time for installing COSMOS, which could take an extra 10-30 minutes depending on how many different platforms and how many computers need COSMOS installed.


For this lesson you will need to make a request for COSMOS 2.0 download link from the Social Data Science Lab website. ESRC COSMOS 2.0 Open Data Analytics Software. Download the program files on your machine by clicking the link you have sent.

For detailed instructions look at the (setup) section.

Note: this is a Java program that runs on your machine (not in the cloud). It runs inside your browser, but no web connection is needed.

The Lessons


Authorising COSMOS

Data collection

Importing pre-existing data


Frequency and network analysis